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SikaBoom-130 3XL Expansion Foam



1399$ EA.

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Product description

• High yield formulation ƒ
• Suitable for exterior and interior applications ƒ
• Excellent adhesion, stability and filling capacity ƒ
• High thermal and acoustical insulation values ƒ
• Adheres to most common building materials (concrete, wood, metal, glass, etc.) ƒ
• Mould-proof, waterproof and over-paintable ƒ
• Applicable at temperatures ranging between 5 and 30 °C ƒ
• No special tools required: includes convenient reusable dispensing straw
• Cured foam becomes rigid when dried: can be trimmed, shaped and sanded
• Environmentally Friendly: CFC and HCFC-free ƒ
• Low VOC, less than 2 g/L ƒ
• CAN/ULC-S102-10 certification
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