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Our History

Our History

Our History


Founded in 1973, GAGNON La Grande Quincaillerie is a family-owned business with a human quality. Proudly independent, we place customer service at the heart of all of our operations.

We are committed to advising and inspiring you throughout your projects. GAGNON seeks to offer that of a large surface store but with the spirit and personal touch of a neighborhood hardware store.

GAGNON La Grande Quincaillerie, we are here for you!

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The first members of the GAGNON Team were

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William Gagnon and his wife in the general store

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Delivery truck from the first GAGNON store

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Renowned leader and manager

In 1973, Yves Gagnon bought his father's hardware store in Chénéville and launched into that entrepreneurial adventure task with body and soul and over the years, he made it a true success story. Positioning itself as a specialist in renovation in Quebec, the company continues to stay as close as possible to its customers, the builders of today ... and tomorrow. Read more

Geneviève Gagnon


Woman of action and daring

Professionally, Geneviève Gagnon's list of accomplishments is impressive.

Innovative in the conservative field of renovation, she quickly achieves success and skilfully takes up challenge after challenge. Now owner of GAGNON and Evolution Structures, she devotes herself with a lot of heart to the management of the family business and with foresight, competently negotiates what is called "The green turn". Read more


GAGNON is committed to providing each of its customers with professional service tailored to their needs in a cordial atmosphere.


Respect for the image, the company you work for, uniformity and consistency for, roles, stores, customers, employees, values.


Safety: working safely for oneself and also for colleagues and clients around you.


Pride in working for Gagnon, their stores, their team.


Dynamism: create a stimulating work climate, respecting the tasks to be accomplished.


1942 : William Gagnon founded the general store in Chénéville in Outaouais.

1973 : Yves Gagnon takes over William's general store and turns it into a hardware store, Bois de Construction Chénéville inc.

1980 : Become Members of the BMR banner.

1989 : Acquisition of the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu store.

1995 : Yves Gagnon is elected President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe BMR inc.

2004 : Yves recruits his daughter, Geneviève (27), as general manager of all his stores.

2005 : Opening of a new store Chénéville.

2005 : Acquisition of Coupal & fils inc., In Mont-Tremblant..

2005 : All the stores are grouped under the same name: Groupe Yves Gagnon.

2007 : Geneviève wins the “Outstanding Young Retailer” award in Toronto.

2010 : Acquisition of Matériaux Plombel, in Saint-André-Avellin.

2010 : Acquisition of a roof truss factory in Saint-André-Avellin which is named Evolution Structures.

2011 : Opening of a Husqvarna rental center and dealer in Chénéville, Location Gagnon.

2012 : Opening of the first ecological store on the site of Matériaux Plombel

2012 : Opening of the first ecological store at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

2013 : Opening of the first ecological store.

2014 : Groupe Yves Gagnon receives the AQME awards.

2018 : Induction into the Hall of Fame of Yves Gagnon

2020 : Groupe Yves Gagnon is Rename.. GAGNON - La Grande Quincaillerie and becomes 100% Independent

2022 : Geneviève Gagnon acquires the family business and becomes presidente