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Yves Gagnon owes his success to a winning combination of circumstance, logic and hard work.

“I'm always surprised at everything,” he says. And indeed, his life has taken him from one surprise to another.

First: he wanted to be a doctor, studied pure sciences and… became a chemistry professor at a private college in Montreal. Then: although he loved the chemistry that taught him to never leave anything to chance, and he loved to teach, ... he chose to become a hardware dealer. This career turnaround, he attributes to luck and to having been there at the right time when, in 1973, his father wanted to sell his hardware store in Chénéville.

He simply seized the opportunity on the run and bought the business.

That decision was just the start. Each time relying on his flair and his lucky stars, he subsequently acquired other businesses. Hard-working, he renovated them and skillfully brought them to fruition under the BMR banner. So much so that from 1995 to 2015 he accepted and held the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe BMR inc.,

A man of action and principle, he manages his businesses with great respect and skill. He often remembers his father telling him, “Never ask any of your employees to do something that you couldn’t do yourself. He therefore applied this principle diligently, being personally involved in all the activities of his companies and sparing no effort to foster team spirit among his employees. Another aspect that was also close to his heart was equality between workers: “We were one of the first companies of its kind to employ women,” he explains.

But his greatest achievement, according to him, was to recruit his daughter Geneviève as general manager for all the stores of the Yves Gagnon Group. A choice of which he says he is very proud:

“At the start of her career, I didn't think I would offer her the management of the company, because I didn't think she would be interested in it! There were so many other areas where she excelled. She is full of diplomas and received the HEC Excellence Award. But, when I finally broached the subject, she accepted immediately. She was just waiting for me to offer her the job and, in fact, she is passionate about running our business.”

His own plans for the future?

Well, as he is now a member of what he calls the “Council of Elders”, and says that he is ready to help those who like him want to succeed… “I want to be a mentor from now on,” he says with a smile.

It will be my best role! " Who knows? The transfer of knowledge will perhaps become, in his case, the transfer of success ...